Steven T Goldstein, PhD


Curriculum Vitae


Most of my publications are available for download through my page.  You may also contact me directly if something is not listed there.

Steven T. Goldstein

Research Group Leader, Archaeology of Food Security and Sustainability Group

Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Jena, Germany


Ph.D, Anthropology. 2017. Washington University in Saint Louis. “Technological and Socio-Economic Organization of Early Herders in Southwestern Kenya.”

M.A. Anthropology. 2012. Washington University in Saint Louis. “Quantifying lithic curation rates at Pastoral Neolithic sites in southwestern Kenya.”                               

 B.A., Anthropology, Magna cum laude, Anthropology with Honors Distinction. 2010. Stony Brook University. Honors Thesis: “Macro- & micro-scopic analyses of quartz projectile points on Long Island, NY.”                                                                  



Under review. Bleasdale, M., Hendy, J., Goldstein S., and N. Boivin. “The origin and spread of dairying in ancient Africa. Journal of World Prehistory”.

Under review. Stephens, L., Fuller,D., Boivin, N.,…Goldstein, S.(54th of 121),…Ellis, E. “Archaeological assessment reveals Earth’s early transformations through land use”. Science.

In Press. Goldstein, S.T. “Lithic technology of the earliest herders in eastern Africa”. Antiquity.

In Press. Goldstein, S.T. “The lithic assemblage from Sugenya: A Pastoral Neolithic site of the Elmenteitan group in southwestern Kenya”.  Azania: Archaeological Research in Africa.

2018. Goldstein, S.T. “Knowledge transmission through the lens of lithic production: A case study from the Pastoral Neolithic of southern Kenya”.  Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory.

2018. Marshall, F.B., Reid, R.E.B., Goldstein, S.T., Storozum, M., Wreschnig, A., Hu, L., Kiura, P., Shahack-Gross, R., & S.H. Ambrose.  “Ancient herders enriched and restructured African grasslands”. Nature 561: 387-390..

2018. Hildebrand, E., Grillo, K., E. Sawchuk, E., Pfeiffer, S., Conyers, L., Goldstein, S.,Hill, A.C., Janzen, A., Klehm, C., Helper, M., Kiura, P., Ndiema, E., Ngugi, C., Shea, J.J., and H. Wang.  “A monumental cemetery built by eastern Africa’s earliest herders near Lake Turkana, Kenya”.  Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 115 (36): 8942-8947.

2018. Sawchuk, E., Goldstein, S., Grillo, K., & E. Hildebrand. “Cemetery construction and the spread of pastoralism in eastern Africa”. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 51: 187-205.

2018. Goldstein, S.T. ”Picking up the pieces: Reconstructing lithic production strategies at a Late Holocene obsidian quarry in southern Kenya”. Journal of Field Archaeology 43(2): 85-101.

2018. Capriles, J., Albarracin-Jordan, J., Bird, D., Goldstein, S., Jarpa, G., Maldonado, C. & C. Santoro. “Mobility, subsistence, and technological strategies of early Holocene hunter-gatherers in the Bolivian Altiplano”. Quaternary International 473b: 190-205.

2018. Grillo, K., Prendergast, M., Contreras, D., Fitton, T., Gidna, A., Goldstein, S., Knisley, M., Langley, M. & A. Mabulla. “Pastoral Neolithic Settlement at Luxmanda”. Tanzania. Journal of Field Archaeology 32(2): 102-120.

2017. Goldstein, S.T. and J.M. Munyiri. “The Elmenteitan Obsidian Quarry (GsJj50): New perspectives on obsidian access and exchange during the Pastoral Neolithic of southern Kenya”. African Archaeological Review 34(1): 43-73.

2017. Frahm, E., Goldstein, S.T., & C.A. Tryon. “Forager-fisher and pastoralist interactions along the Lake Victoria shores, Kenya: Perspectives from portable XRF of obsidian artifacts from Kansyore rock shelters”. Journal o Archaeological Science: Reports 11: 717-742.

2016. Goldstein, S.T. and C.M. Shaffer. “Experimental and archaeological investigations of geometric microlith function among Mid-to-Late Holocen herders in southwestern Kenya”. Journal of Archaeological and Anthropological Science 9(8): 1767-1788.

2016. Capriles J., Jordan, J., Lombardo, U., Osorio, D., Herrera, K., Maley, B., Goldstein, S.T., Domic, A. I., Glascock, M.D., Veit, H. & C. Santoro. “High-altitude adaptation and late Pleistocene foraging in the Bolivian Andes”. Journal of Archaeological Sciences: Reports 6: 46-474.

2014. Goldstein, S.T.  “Quantifying endscraper reduction i the context of obsidian exchange among early pastoralists in southwestern Kenya”. Lithic Technology 39: 3-19.

Other writing

2018. Goldstein, S., Hildebrand, E., Storozum, M., Sawchuk, E., Lewis, J., Ngugi, C. & L. Robbins. New archaeological investigations at the Lothagam harpoon site at Lake Turkana, Kenya. Antiquity: Project Gallery 91(36).

2015. Goldstein, S. The early roots of human technology: Evaluating ancient stone tools in 3D, for AICON- Breuckmann 3D.

2012. Goldstein, S. Stone Tool Making 101: The Mind of a Modern Knapper, for Science Magazine: Origins Blog.


Research Grants and Fellowships

2017. Post-PhD Fieldwork Grant, P.I. ($19,835) – Wenner-Gren Foundation, “Small-scale responses to large-scale climate change: Archaeological investigations of forager resilience during African Humid Phase in northern Kenya.”

 2014. Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Grant, co-P.I. ($20,000) – National Science Foundation, “Economic organization in the Pastoral Neolithic: Archaeology of the Elmenteitan Obsidian Quarry, Kenya” (BCS-1439123).

 2014, Bernd Breuckmann Grant (€1,000) – AICON-Breuckmann, “Applications of 3D scanning and metrology for stone tool analysis in East African archaeology”. Grant included training and use of AICON SmartScan 3D white-light scanner for digitization and 3d analyses of lithic collections at the National Museums of Kenya.

2012. Summer Publication Writing Award ($2500) – Washington University in St. Louis

2011. Fieldwork Research Award ($2000) – Washington University in St. Louis

 2011–2015. Graduate Fellowship Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis




2017. Kathleen H. Cook Teaching Award Dept. of Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis.

2012. Dean’s Award for Teaching Excellence – Washington University in St. Louis.


Other Awards

2017. Student Poster Prize (Honorable mention) Society for Archaeological Sciences , Society for American Archaeologists annual meeting, Vancouver, CA 2017, “Herder land-use in southern Kenya: geochemical analysis of soil enrichment.”

 2012. Student Paper Prize – Society for Africanist Archaeologists, Society for Africanist Archaeologists Annual Meeting, Toronto, CA “Only the mountains do not move: Obsidian curation and mobility of pastoralists in Kenya.”

2006–2010. Presidential Scholarship – Stony Brook University

2009. Daniel H. Weiskotten Award – New York State Archaeological Association,

2006. Fredrick Douglass & Susan B. Anthony Award in Social Sciences and Humanities – University of Rochester


Present. Reviewer: Lithic Technology, South African Archaeological Bulletin, Azania, Quaternary Science Reviews.

2018. Symposium Chair “Moving beyond ‘mosaics’: High resolution models for food production in Africa”.Society of Africanist Archaeologists Biennial Conference, Toronto, Canada.

2018. Symposium Co-Chair “The African Humid Period”. Society of American Archaeology 83rd Annual Conference, Washington D.C., USA.

 2017. Co-Organizer for the workshop “Multi-disciplinary approaches to studying the spread of people, plants, and animals, in Holocene eastern Africa”. Hosted by the Max Planck Institute for the Science of Human History, Dept. of Archaeology. Jena, Germany, 2017.

2016. Symposium Co-Chair: “Social transformations and environmental perception across Holocene Africa”. Society of Africanist Archaeologists Biennial Conference, Toulouse, France.

2013-2014. Anthropology Department Peer-Mentoring Coordinator, Department of Anthropology, Washington University in St. Louis

Affiliations: Society for American Archaeology, Society of Africanist Archaeologists, European Association of Archaeologists, National Commission for Science, Technology, and Innovation (NACOSTI), Kenya, National Museums of Kenya, Livingstone Museum of Zambia, University of Zambia

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